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The person who thinks of bringing the case before the court

The requirements to present lawsuit and to be reconciled

"The basic agreement" that whole country hepatitis B suit legal counsel and plaintiffs corps of the whole country concluded with the government and legislating it "Law on Special Measures for Hepatitis B" make the requirements to present lawsuit, and to be reconciled with each other as follows.

  • 1. Lasting, and being infected with hepatitis B virus
  • 2. Having had been vaccinated in a group
    (without a maternity record book, you can prove it in an inoculation trace, others)
  • 3. The date of birth being after July 2, 1941
    (having been under 7 years old after the vaccination enforcement of July 1, 1948)
  • 4. Not being mother-to-child transmission (mother not being a carrier)
    But you can bring an action against the child as "a secondary infection victim" when infection in itself of mother assumes a group vaccination a cause
  • 5. Besides, there not being an infection cause
  • 6. Identification of the condition of a patient (asymptomatic carrier, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer)

* In these requirements, there are many parts that concrete content is not decided, and difficulty is accompanied to understand the contents and limit . We legal counsel involved deeply as a party to make basic agreement and enacted "Law on Special Measures for Hepatitis B," so we deeply understand these requirements. And even after a basic agreement we are working to make victims to be relieved early through direct talks with the government (Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) and the trial. As a result, push forward negotiations tenaciously, and even a difficult example gets big result to widen a relief range. (-> The number of the people of number of the current suitors, settlement is this)
Because you cope with individual consultation based on these results in our legal counsel, at first, please come talk to our legal counsel.

In addition, please refer to each legal counsel in the area you to live for the details about instituting condition or the trial expense.

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