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Aiming for safe and secure dental treatment
Doctor! Are you changing for each patient (sterilization)?

We were asking exchange of medical equipment used in the oral cavity in dentistry for each patient in the periodical consultations between the Hepatitis B plaintiffs and defense teams and the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare from 2014 to 2017. This pamphlet is an easy-to-understand explanation of our activities and results related to thorough replacement and sterilization.
It recommends not to use same medical equipment without sterilization for another patient and thorough standard prevention measures (that is, infection prevention measures that are implemented uniformly without distinguishing whether the patient is infected or not), and by doing so we can eliminate discrimination and prejudice against patients with infectious diseases. Please take a look.

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Contents of the Pamphlet

  1. The current situation of dental infection prevention measures.
    Continuous use is the same as in the Hepatitis B infection cases.

    • Our thoughts
      • We do not want to see new victims in dentistry
      • We don't want to be perpetrators.
      • I don't want to feel sad at dentistry.
    • Impact! Even here・・・
    • Equipment that needs to be replaced (sterilized) for each patient.
  2. Plaintiffs and defense team activities
    Regular consultation between the national hepatitis B lawsuits and defense team and the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

  3. Introduction of symposium
    held in Tokyo & Fukuoka

    • Tokyo Symposium Introduction
    • Fukuoka Symposium Introduction
  4. 100% implementation of standard precautions!
    Above all, for patient safety